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US Licensed Mates

  • 03/06/19
  • American Samoa
  • 96799
  • Full-Time
Title US Licensed Mate
Salary To be negotiated
Location: Western Central Pacific Islands
We are looking for US Licensed Mates to serve aboard 2 large tuna seiners, F/V RAFFAELLO and F/V JUDIBANA that operate in the Western Pacific. A qualified candidate would have a US Licensed Mate 1600 Registered Tons (Domestic Tonnage) and 3,000 Gross Tons (ITC Tonnage) with Tuna Vessel Experience with a STCW 95 Reg 11/1 or a II/2 credential and meets the requirements for a class six purse seine vessel. The desired candidate would have all required Certificates: Training in First Aid, Fire Fighting, Fire Drills, Safety, Security Endorsement, GMDSS operator and an ETP Operator Certificate (helpful). Experience with the USCG Vessel Safety Exam, the IOPPC, SOPEP, NTVRP, IAPPC and the newer EIAPP Requirements and eNOAD reporting would also be very helpful. It is helpful to have experience in Western Pacific and familiar with the all the reporting rules relating to the US Treaty vessels with the Pacific Island States including Non Fishing Days.
The vessels operate in the Western Central Pacific Ocean with their main base of operation being American Samoa. The vessels stay on the high seas for extended periods of time ranging from 30 to 75 days a trip depending on catch and can spend up to 300 days a year at sea. It is desired that the candidate stay on the vessel for a minimum of 6 months or 4 trips.
These US vessels range from 53 to 60 meters and have a fish carrying capacity that ranges from 800 to 950 Metric Tons.
The candidate must have knowledge of a purse seine operation and must be capable of performing functions of the vessel master including the basic handling and moving the vessel. In addition the candidate must be capable of operating the hydraulic system for the operation of the booms, winches and motors.
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